morilib relations: a relational database

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Available functions in morilib relations are shown as follows.
Function name Description
AVG(column) (aggregate)compute average
COLALESCE(value, ...) retrun a leftmost non-NULL(not an empty string) value
CORR(column1, column2) (aggregate)compute correlation coefficient
COUNT(column|*) (aggregate)count non-NULL columns
COV(column1, column2) (aggregate)compute covariance
DEV(column) (aggregate)compute standard deviation
KURT(column) (aggregate)compute kurtosis
MAX(column) (aggregate)return the maximum value of the given column
MIN(column) (aggregate)return the minimum value of the given column
ROUND(value[, scale]) rounds the given value
SKEW(column) (aggregate)compute skewness
SUM(column) (aggregate)compute sum of the given column
TRIM(value) truncate beginning and trailing spaces
VAR(column) (aggregate)compute variance
VARUNBIASED(column) (aggregate)compute unbiased variance

Yuichiro Moriguchi